Why Montenegro Poslovi?

Hire smarter.

Meet people, not C.V.s.

Supercharge your hiring with video.

You know what you are looking for.

Quickly gain insight into your candidates.

Save upwards of 60% of your hiring time.


Instant Video Interviewing

No more arranging multiple conference calls, no more arranging multiple Zoom calls!
Instant, easy-to-use video interviewing straight from your desktop, laptop, or phone!

  • 1

    Video Interviewing

    Quickly narrow the field with one on one video interviews. Meet candidates, not C.V.s. A video is worth a thousand C.V.s.

  • 2

    Premium Business Profile Page

    Full company profile and description included with all job postings.

  • 3

    Featured Employers

    High visibility, full-time home page presence. Company name, logo, with a direct link to your professional profile, and listed jobs.

  • 4

    Simple And Easy To Understand Job Postings

    Time is money. get your vacancies listed as soon as possible and get your positions filled.

  • 5

    Free Resume Database Search

    Included in all post. Don't get charged extra to find your ideal candidate.

  • 6

    Easy Meeting Scheduling

    Easily create, schedule, and track your candidate meeting or video interview with our online meeting scheduler.


Job Posting Packages

Contact us today for additional tremendous savings with our annual plans.

One Post

€50.00 30 day
  • 1 Job Posting
  • Unlimited Video Interviewing
  • Professional Profile
  • Job Displayed For 30 Days
  • Email Support

Three Post

€100.00 Per Month
  • 3 Job Posts
  • Unlimited Video Interviewing
  • Professional Profile
  • Jobs Displayed For 30 Days
  • Premium Support 24/7


€150.00 Per Month
  • Unlimited Job Postings
  • Unlimited Video Interviewing
  • Professional Profile
  • Featured Business Listing
  • Featured Job Listings
  • Jobs Displayed For 30 Days
  • Premium Support 24/7

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